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This new club concept has been many years in the making and brings together the very best of Step Up Co’s in-person and online learning, content, events and meet ups. Step Up has evolved just as the women’s career conversations around us have.

And now, with the club, you have a single destination for all of your work related learning, support and inspiration: this is your space and place to grow.

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"I have gained confidence and I am currently discussing several exciting partnerships. I am beyond happy with the current state of my business and can't wait to see what's next. Thank you Step Up School for helping me get to this point!"

Millen Wolde-Selassie
Co-founder of NO+MI

"Step Up School combines strong content and proven FACTS. The course has helped with the transition from being an employee to a successful business owner and provided me with a new network of inspiring women all on a similar journey."

Lisa Mettis
Founder of Born & Bred Studio

"Step Up School has given me more confidence. The knowledge and skills that Alice and Phanella teach are brilliant; I’m really looking forward to the rest of the year."

Make-up Artist & Beauty Writer

"Step Up School has been a wake up call that I can still strive for more enjoy my career. There hasn’t been a single topic where I haven’t left the session with a clear idea of next steps and how to implement the strategies. "

Heather McStay
Head of Contract Management

"Alice and Phanella always bring they own expertise to Step Up School; they are authorities, but they are humble too. Go to Step Up School. It’s a great investment in yourself: how often do we do that as busy women?"

Clare Lees
Freelance Executive PA

"Whether you are thinking about a career change, starting a new business or just interested in some time for your own development with a great group of ladies, I would definitely recommend Step Up School."

Emma Thomson
Leadership, Career & Maternity Coach

"Step Up School has been brilliant. I'm happier and more successful in my work than I have been in some time; I feel equipped and excited to take the next step in my career and I have had time, space, guidance, and inspiration to think about my own goals, purpose, and balance."

Bethany Childs
Corporate Relationships Manager

"Step Up School has been an inspirational touchpoint that has allowed me to discover my career focus and clarity."

Becky Howard
Consultant Editor & Content Strategist

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